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Luxury Platform Top Divan Bed Base

Black Chenille
Silver Linoso
Silver Crushed Velvet
Silver Plush Velvet
Black Plush Velvet
Blue Plush Velvet
Mink Plush Velvet
Mustard Plush Velvet
Steel Plush Velvet
Brown Chenille
Charcoal Chenille
Cream Chenille
Mink Chenille
Purple Chenille
Silver Chenille
Black Crushed Velvet
Cream Crushed Velvet
Silver Seude
Silver Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3700858536
Silver Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3722354345
Silver Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3592920739
Silver Chenille #MWS Options 2226560329
Black Chenille #MWS Options 274046083
Charcoal Chenille #MWS Options 3350109693
Cream Chenille #MWS Options 2798820557
Silver Chenille #MWS Options 2313067853
Black Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3602619924
Mustard Plush Velvet #MWS Options 2442764044
Silver Crushed Velvet #MWS Options 999137130
Black Chenille #MWS Options 295607428
Silver Linoso #MWS Options 2087689281
Mink Chenille #MWS Options 2793970762
Black Chenille #MWS Options 144743549
Mustard Plush Velvet #MWS Options 2421268235
Silver Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3657735846
Silver Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3743915690
Cream Chenille #MWS Options 2712378569
Mustard Plush Velvet #MWS Options 2507448079
Black Chenille #MWS Options 123116668
Charcoal Chenille #MWS Options 3306855931
Silver Crushed Velvet #MWS Options 3538329404
Steel Plush Velvet #MWS Options 33594925
Brown Chenille #MWS Options 3319176413
Black Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3580993043
Charcoal Chenille #MWS Options 3220413943
Silver Crushed Velvet #MWS Options 1063821165
Petal #MWS Options 3701643657
Silver Chenille #MWS Options 2204933448
Black Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3624115733
Silver Seude #MWS Options 2688851009
Silver Crushed Velvet #MWS Options 912957286
Black Chenille #MWS Options 2432147773
Mustard Plush Velvet #MWS Options 776643528
Silver Seude #MWS Options 665362690
Brown Chenille #MWS Options 1344053281
Cream Chenille #MWS Options 815374353
Black Chenille #MWS Options 2545852359
Charcoal Chenille #MWS Options 1503895872
Silver Chenille #MWS Options 352493711
Mustard Plush Velvet #MWS Options 805020242
Purple Chenille #MWS Options 786669728
Mink Plush Velvet #MWS Options 3483214083
Mink Chenille #MWS Options 2426838970
Charcoal Chenille #MWS Options 1525981505
Black Chenille #MWS Options 815636377
Silver Seude #MWS Options 631873413
Black Plush Velvet #MWS Options 1856872795
Cream Chenille #MWS Options 837525522
Cream Chenille #MWS Options 2133647359
Black Plush Velvet #MWS Options 2662981959
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Our Luxury Platform Top Divan base is handmade right here using only the very best materials. Choose from a variety of sizes and colours, and add storage to your bed to store your excess items neatly away.

Benefits and Features of this bed:

  • All our wood comes from sustainable forests, and we are very proud of this fact!
  • All our products conform to the relevant Fire Safety regulations
  • Store your excess items away safely and discretely by upgrading to storage drawers
  • Choose the right size bed for you as this bed is available in 6 different sizes
  • Chrome feet finish the base off beautifully
  • Base height: 14 inches
  • Save £££ by buying direct from a UK manufacturer 
  • The bed is very strong so it will last you many years as we only use solid hardwood in the construction of the bed
  • Each bed is handmade specifically for you (not mass produced) by highly skilled local tradesmen

Dimensions (approx):

2ft6 Small Single: 75cm (Width) 190cm (Length)
3ft Single: 90cm (Width) 190cm (Length)
4ft Small Double 120cm (Width) 190cm (Length)
4ft6 Double: 135cm (Width) 190cm (Length)
5ft King: 150cm (Width) 200cm (Length)
6ft Super King: 180cm (Width) 200cm (Length)


Please also note the 2 Drawer Footend Option means that you have 1 drawer on each side of the bed but towards the bottom of the bed (footend). You can also choose 1 jumbo drawer at the end of the bed.